Animal welfare

Animal welfare

With us at Sommerbjerg, we are very much in animal welfare. And we very much like that there is always a calm and relaxed relationship with the animals. The more calm there are around the animals, the easier they are to work with. And the higher animal welfare we can achieve as our animals do not get unnecessarily stressed and that they are always safe in their environment.

We've got a lot of "kæleøer". They are waiting and waiting to be scratched behind their ear before they are closed to the ground in the morning. And all employees enjoy stopping up and cuddling the cows or calves a little before everyday life goes on.

The animals are our livelihood, and they are the ones we will earn. But if you choose the road as a farmer, it's definitely not just about economy. It is a lifestyle and a hobby.

Therefore, the animals for us are not just a production. They should be treated with respect and care.

When dealing with animals in their daily lives, you get a lot of fun and fun moments.