Say YES! to Food Safety for your baby


At Let’s Eco we know that your family is concerned about food safety and wants to avoid any risk when eating. Let’s Eco is all about making sure your baby get the highest level of food safety.

Denmark is the county in the world with highest standards on food safety in food production – and the Danish Organic Certification is 1st and strictest in the world.

Finally we want to ensure you can believe the originality of the product by sharing all the certificates obtained by Let’s Eco – in Denmark as well as in Vietnam.

Production Certificate: Production Certificate

Food Ministry Certificate: Food Ministry Certificate

Commercial sales Certificate: Commercial sales Certificate

Certificate of Origin: Certificate of origin

Organic Certificate: Organic Certificate

Product Datasheet Eco 1: Product datasheet Eco 1

Nutrition information Eco 1: Nutrition information Eco 1

Product Datasheet Eco 2: Product Datasheet Eco 2

Nutrition information Eco 2: Nutrition information Eco 2

Product Datasheet Eco 3: Product Datasheet Eco 3

Nutrition information Eco 3: Nutrition information Eco 3

Công văn Lets Eco 1: Công văn Lets Eco 1

Công văn Lets Eco 2: Công văn Lets Eco 2

Công văn Lets Eco 3: Công văn Lets Eco 3

Product announcement Lets Eco 1: Product announcement Lets Eco 1

Product announcement Lets Eco 2: Product announcement Lets Eco 2

Product announcement Lets Eco 3: Product announcement Lets Eco 3

Vietnam import 1: Vietnam import 1

Vietnam import 2: Vietnam import 2

Vietnam import 3: Vietnam import 3

Vinacontrol 1: Vinacontrol 1

Vinacontrol 2: Vinacontrol 2

Vinacontrol 3: Vinacontrol 3